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Conversion to PEPPOL BIS 3.0, XRechnung, EHF 3.0, Svefaktura and OIOUBL

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For capture of invoice lines from the PDF invoice, please contact efacto sales.


What do others say about efacto?

We have reduced manual errors and gained a much better overview of the invoice processing - I am absolutely sure that the investment will be a good business case. We have only good things to say about efacto. They have a high level of competence and have been really good at understanding and meeting our needs.

Kemp & Lauritzen's professional competencies and innovative approach create green solutions, secure infrastructure and competitive companies. We ensure quality, stability and efficiency and manage the project from start to finish.

Michael Schmidt

IT-Manager Kemp & Lauritzen

We were looking for a system that could ensure quality and streamline our invoice processing. Efacto was the most flexible and had the best product. With them, it is personally in focus and I like that. I would definitely recommend efacto to others working together. Especially because they have a really good system with InvoiceFirewall.

The Halberg Group is a traditional family company in Svendborg with activities in the areas of tobacco production, hotel operations, real estate investments and asset management.

Louise Pilegaard Hansen

Deputy Financial Assistant, Halberg A/S

We have good experience with InvoiceFirewall. We get better quality of what comes in from invoices, good documentation about invoice flow, and last but not least: all the time we save. We get to use more of our expertise and we work more productively.

Wenche Aarvold

Billing advisor, Bergen Kommune

5,000+ customers, 20 years of experience


Satisfaction Guarantee

You have a 14-days satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product or our service, log in, click on subscription and cancel the subscription. Feel free to write a reason for your termination so we can learn some of your feedback. If you cancel within the deadline, you will receive a credit note and can disregard the submitted invoice from us.


Frequently asked questions about PDFtoX

What is PDFtoX?

PDFtoX converts your regular invoice into an e-invoice, without you having to do anything other than send it to us as a PDF or image file. We check that each invoice is correctly converted so that it can reach the customer safely in the right format.

How many invoices can I send?

If you send more invoices than your subscription covers, it will be renewed automatically. There are no limits to how many invoices you can send.

Can I send a picture of my paper invoice?

Yes. Just make sure to include the entire invoice in the image, and ensure that all information is easy to read. If the quality of the image is too poor for the invoice to be converted, you will be notified immediately so you can take a new one.

What if the invoice is not filled in correctly?

If information is missing on an invoice, you will be notified per. e-mail. We state what information is missing, so you can easily add it and send the invoice to us again.

How do I know that the invoice has been delivered to the recipient?

We create a user account for you, so you can always log in and follow the status of each invoice sent.

Can all invoices be converted to e-invoices?

Yes. We convert all kinds of invoices in all kinds of formats. Just make sure that alle needed information is available.

Can I send invoices to and from abroad?

Yes. All invoices sent via our platform live up to both European and international standards, so you can easily and safely shop across national borders.

Can I use PDFtoX if I do not have a financial system?

Yes. All you need is an Internet connection and an email address to send email invoices with this solution.

What if I regret my purchase?

You have a 14-day satisfaction guarantee no matter which solution you choose. If you have used the subscription, but only sent a single invoice, you can cancel it within a month.

How long am I bound by the subscription?

If you choose PDFtoX, you pay for one year at a time. If you wish to cancel the subscription, you can send us an e-mail at any time, and we will stop your subscription at the end of the period you have paid for.

What if there is an error in an invoice?

If an invoice is not filled in correctly, you will be notified immediately in your e-mail. We write what the error is so you can quickly correct it and send the invoice again.

Do you have other questions?
Send your questions to info@efacto.com We will answer you directly and as soon as possible.


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